Thoughts on 5.25 drive bay psu's

Just wondering what people think about them. i bought one a 480 watt going to use it for the graphics card only. puts out 400 clean and my graphics cards 465 gtx uses 308watt at max load. just wanted to get some insight on what i should expect.
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  1. I wouldn't trust them, but that's just me... plus, they're probably horribly noisy with small fans and not very efficient.
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    Where did you get that "308 watts" figure?

    I think that is for a complete "typical system. A GTX465 only needs about 160 watts.

    And the drive bay PSU's? I agree with mi1es. Better to use one adequately sized, main PSU. But because you already have it, isn't it a little too late? :)
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