SLI a 9800gt or a new GPU?

I am not a fan bot. I went with nvidia because that is who I had heard of. I really should have done more research, but this is my first build. Where I am at now is I am going to get a 1080p monitor and I would have to turnoff eye-candy for playable FPS.

So, my system:






My case can fit any cards out there.

I know that most games will play fine, but when dx11 is the standard and when dx12 comes out my card will be lower on the totum pole.

My real question is, should I think about upgrading the mobo psu and adding in another 9800gt, or am I better off selling the 9800gt, getting a new psu and upping my card to one of the higher end cards?
Either way it would cost close to the same amount of money because those high end cards a pricey.

Which option will in the long run give me better 1080p FPS?

Which is better for my system as a whole?( I have been itching to upgrade to AM3 and DDR3)

Which is the least hastle?( I do not mind taking apart my computer, but on the programing end I am a bit green, and SLI can be complicating things beyond my level- like drivers)

What is better for the new games?

Any comments are welcome, even if they're a bit off topic.
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  1. If you don't want to mess with SLI and changing motherboards. I would suggest an HD5770 as a minimum 1080P card.
  2. as a whole your system is a pretty decent little gamer. you have more than enough cpu, just focus on your gpu. 4 gig of ram and a quad is plenty. rolli's right,the 5770 is a kick ass solution for under 170 bucks. i have two and love them. just save up a few bucks and get at least a 5770, then sell the 9800 and pay yourself back. and your psu will push a 5770 just fine.
  3. Another vote for HD5770... :)
  4. Must aggree. A 5770 would be a solid upgrade from a 9800 GT in the same power envelope.
  5. I understand 5770 would be a perfect solution for the current games, but how far down the line will it carry me with newer games
  6. 5770 sense your board isn't a sli board why, you only have one pci-e slot unless you linked the wrong board.
  7. The ATI 5770 would certainly be an improvement over your 9800GT. There's no question about that. And it probably wouldn't require an over all system upgrade. However, if you want anything more powerful than that (which isn't a bad idea in my personal opinion) you'll probably want to invest in a better power supply.

    Now, that being said. It also depends on what you're playing. If you game @ 1080p (as I do) the 5770 will cut it with current titles with fairly high settings. I'm currently running an SLI setup with GTX 260's (which are similar to the 5770). I do very well with everything I play so far (including BadCompany2). But I also like to turn everything up to high (though I don't push AA all the way up).

    Keep in mind though, to go any better than 5770 will cause a significant increase in overall upgrade cost. You'd be looking at a much more expensive video card, plus having to replace your power supply. So there's a substantial difference in budget to make the jump.
  8. My PSU is the most questionable parts of my mobo and next to that is the mobo- although that could be linked to the PSU. Would you concider this a HTPC mobo?

    Any way.. suggests a 5870, which would mean a new PSU, which would replace the worst part of my system.

    Could I keep the 9800GT for physx?
    Should I go for it?
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