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What does idle mean? like when people say my cpu is 35 celcius when idle.

when i watch streaming videos, my cpu them is around 39-41 celcius. is that normal?

also my cpu fan is turrning at 6000 rpm when my cpu temp is 39 ceclius. is that too high?

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  1. 1. Idle is when you aren't doing much. Load is when you're doing a lot, like playing a game.

    2. Thats fine.

    3. Thats probably too high, but it depends, and most likely won't effect much.
  2. Sounds alright since i assume you're using the stock hsf unit and it's summer.
  3. I think your fan speed sensor is broken or the software you use to read your fan speed is off. No CPU fan can go 6,000 RPM.
  4. Anyway, check your mobo BIOS to see if it has options for the CPU fan profile that allows it to run at its quietest mode and then ramps up, increases the RPM as more load is placed on the CPU.
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