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Rating on my spec

did my cpu specifications OK??...

intel core i7 930
4GB ram (2x2GB)
Geforce GTX 480
720w PSU

is it ok??...i wonder, coz i''m a serious gamer though...^_^
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  1. Hello mirulkimi;

    Which motherboard are you getting?
    X-58 mother boards are triple channel. So you'll want 3 stick of RAM 3GB (3x1GB) or 6GB (3x2GB)
  2. hello WR2....

    i'm using asus it ok?? has 3 GPU slot...
  3. Asus P6T is a good motherboard. It has six RAM slots so you probably want to get a 6GB (3x2GB) RAM kit.

    Asus P6T Review
  4. ok bro, thanks a lo9t, btw, i'm using corsair liquid cooling h50, is it good??...
  5. It's good, but not great. It's easy to install. And it's got decent cooling.
    Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU Water Cooling Kit Review
  6. owh like that, ok2, thanks a lot on ur review my frens....erm, one more, is the GTX 480 ok??
  7. I think the GTX 460 or HD 5850 is a much better value.
    What size/screen resolution monitor will you be using?
  8. u think like that??...why??..isn't GTX 480 more better than both of that???...

    i'll be using 1600x900....ok?
  9. For 1600x900 - DEFINATELY get the GTX 460. GTX 480 is far more than you need.

    And I think you seriously want to look at i7 860 CPU and P55 ASUS P7P55D-E Pro motherboard with 4GB RAM.
    If you ever upgrade your monitor to 1920x1080 resolution you could always get a future 2nd GTX 460 - or a next generation GTX 5xx.
  10. wah bro, i already bought the system...btw, what the advantage of i7 860 cpu??...
  11. Best answer
    You actually bought a i7-930 system with 4GB of RAM?

    It has a faster Turbo Core option. i7-930 2.8Ghz Max Turbo Frequency 3.06Ghz. i7-860 2.8Ghz Max Turbo Frequency 3.46Ghz.
    In gaming they are virtually identical with the i7-860 being slightly faster in some games because of the higher turbo boost.

    You could have spent a lot less and got a system 'just as good'.
  12. yes, i bought like that my fren, wah, so, all is that my, if i know earlier u, i couldn't do that mistake, man, my sincerest regret bos...huhuhuhu
  13. It's not like you made a 'mistake'. You got good parts.
    You just spent more than you needed to have a fun gaming system.
  14. yeah bro, btw, thanks....hehe....i'm wonder, how to do OC bro??
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  16. If you plan to OC, SLI, or add extra components be sure your power supply will be enough for what you need. To get a good estimate for your current build + plan for future upgrades, visit and input all relevant fields. (Make sure to include the OC voltage you plan to use) It's always better to have extra power than minimal, especially for OC & future upgradability.
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