I need bios help PLEASE

Hello, I have a soyo p4i865pe plus dragon 2 mother board running the original bios it was shipped with cpuz shows it as Pheonix technologies, ltd 6.0 PG I need to know the last version released for my MOBO. Since soyo isnt there anymore I can find lots of versions but no info which is the RIGHT one
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More about bios please
  1. Backup everything first - then try and install the next newer version of the BIOS. Check for stability. Run this for a few days. If no problems are encountered, try the next newer version and check results. Don't rush into this.

    In every case make backups, so that you can go back to the previous version that worked.

    Also suggest contacting Phoenix Tech for guidance.
  2. I have spent days looking for the 4ipe2aa5.exe and cant find it anywhere. Since soyo isn't there anymore What i can find 3rd parts says this is the right one but I cant get it anywhere. Any ideas??? I'm getting a ton of boot issues goes through the post screen so fast i cant get the bios version off it im using cpuz for what i have. According to the posts ive found online its amazing my computer has worked at all with the current bios. Apparently this board only supported my prescot processor with a bios flash. right now its taking me a couple tries to get running and I dont believe im getting all i should (performance)from my computer this way.
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