PSU/GPU question on upcoming build.

I had a few questions about some things with a build Im about to do.

GPU, I dont think its worth the money for me to give up my gtx 285 for a 470/480 when they cost $350-$500 and arent that much better than what I have now so I debating on doing SLI 470's. Ive never done sli before so Im unsure of how to do it, do I just hook them up with the sli bridge and thats it or will I have to change the settings in all my games or will they automatically run on the 2 cards?

Im also running on a 22" monitor, would it be smarter with the sli 470's to keep the 22" or upgrade to a 24"? (just trying to figure out the best road to take about the video card)

Also, PSU's.... I did a calc. of the wattage with sli 470's and it came out around 750watts, so Im thinking about going with a 1000 watt, for future purposes, in case I go to a better card in the future, water cooling etc...

The corsair 1000w is pricey and Ive been looking at the Kingwin 1000 psu. It's fairly cheaper than the corsair and got good reviews... Anyone heard anything good or bad about this brand?

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  1. It is 1680x1050, sorry about that.

    Im trying to go with a modular Psu, thats why I was looking at this kingwin or the HX's.

    Im thinking of going with a 24" monitor @ 1920x1080 and running two gtx 470's on a i7 @ 3.0-3.5
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