5770 and weird "artifacts"

I've an ASUS EAH 5770 CuCore. The PC is rock solid and all is smooth except for the fact that most games shows strange flickering textures in some specific parts of a game graphic. It only happen when I'm moving. If I stop then problem disappear until I move again the character.
The other issue I saw were white dots in an specific area of the game.
As I had in the past GPU that started to give me artifacts, I ran ATI Tool in search of artifacts for three hours and it found nothing. I also ran OCCT test 2 hours and all OK without problems.
My old Radeon 4850 started with artifacts and it failed ATI Tools with artifacts within one minute.
I recognize that I can live with these issues, but I'm confused as what is going on. I also tested my RAM and no problem. PC is stable and quick.

See artifacts:
Please see the flickering texture in front of you. Also note that it only affect a little portion.
I didn't uploaded it to Youtube as the quality is low and no white dots are observed. So you can download it.

What do you think? Strangely a failed GPU didn't pass ATI Tool, OCCT and FurMark like this :S
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  1. I wouldn't worry about it. I have seen stuff like that for years on most games. Little errors in rendering between two meshes. A wall just a little to close to the edge of another wall.
    Now if you were getting big triangles or areas with very odd coloring I would be worried. The little stuff you have is nothing to worry about.
  2. im also having EAH 5770 , installing Version 8.751 drivers from asus site

    removed artifacts from "The Witcher", (it didnt get fixed for 10.9 drivers from AMD for me)

    i have another problem, games are playable in high resolutions, maya rendering goes fine too, but whenever im installing a software while watching a video, my pc freezes, cant do both at the same time. do have a problem like that?
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