I might be the luckiest gamer on the face of this earth ...

Can I get any luckier ? I was bored this afternoon and was looking at HD 5870's on ebay, I came across one that was priced at $130 ... YES $130 plus 10 for shipping. Right then and there I told myself without even reading the auction ... gee a damaged 5870 ? Poor guy mann. So I clicked the auction which was listed 10 MINUTES EARLIER (Had 2 days 23 hours and 50m left). And the guy stated he is selling his 5870 thats in excellent and 100% working condition because his wife bought him a new GTX 480 for his birthday. I bought that thing and in less then 10 seconds (Required immediate payment and I did it). The guy has 100% feedback with a score of only 35, He has sold about 18 Items and all were positive feedbacks, And his latest feedback was a GTX 260 he sold which went perfectly well. After I payed for the item he immediately messaged me saying WOW .. that he just listed the item and it sold so fast, he said everything is ready and it'll be out tommorow. About 20 mins ago I was emailed that he printed out the UPS shipping label .... wow guys .... An HD 5870 for $140 ? The transaction isnt over yet ... so until I have that card in my rig playing some modern warfare 2 im not going to believe it .. but damn, The guy was honest and the auction was 100% legit. And whats even better is that I hae nothing to lose since I only payed $140 paypal has up to $200 buyer protection for me :). I cant wait till its hereeeeeeee !!
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  1. Lol it's true.


    Nicely done.

    I just traded a 5850 for a 4850 X2 + 4GB of DDR3 1600 + an entire PC. with Specs as Core 2 duo E7500. 4GB of DDR2 ram. Galaxy 9500 GT. 250GB HD. DVD rom and COrsair VX 450W.
  2. HEYY THATS THE AUCTION !! LOL !! How in the world did you find an ended auction ! ??
  3. I have mad skills, don't even get me started.
  4. Wow, I have to say that is pretty amazingly lucky! Hopefully everything gets to you okay, but I have to say I'm impressed. Pretty serendipitous in how you checked only 10 minutes after the guy posted.
  5. I'll give you $150 for it... and I'll pay for shipping :)... lol just kidding, enjoy that beast of a card!
  6. it was shipped out today ! It's in transit to NJ then after NJ it'll be sent here to me in NY ! Estimated delivery is for monday may 10th. WOOOT !! Im still not believing this until Im actually using it and playing on it for several hours !! Still excited though !
  7. O_o

    And people pay 2x the price for the 5850, which is 20% weaker.

    You lucky sonofab*********!!! Enjoy your 5870... :D
  8. Nice! Hope it works well for you.
  9. That's very lucky. Luckiest gamer on earth? Not quite;
  10. jyjjy said:
    That's very lucky. Luckiest gamer on earth? Not quite;

    "We're very happy to give the money away," Jason Argent, vice president of marketing for 2K Sports told CNBC.

    I'll bet that was said through tightly gritted teeth. :lol:
  11. Yeah im a huge baseball fan and I own that game but I didnt even bother trying because I knew it'd be hard as heck. I totally forgot about that and never bothered checking if someone had did it, But yeah definitely this guys the luckiest gamer ever I dont think anyone else has won over $1 mil playing a game, Nice job by the 2k sports company by actually paying up though.
  12. Well I received the yesterday ... installed it today and its working great. I bench tested it and tested the temps and everything looked normal. I cranked up all my cod mw2 settings and it stays at 91 (it's the max fps you can get in the game). It rarely ever goes below 91, the lowest ive seen was 85. Happy as hell ! wooooooooot !
  13. You should be really thankful to the previous owners wife who made it all possible for you.. LOL.!! Enjoy..
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