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I am in the process of getting a a home server that I can do some labs on and wanted to try Vmware ESXI on it.

The server I have got is:

I know its says its not supported by ESXI but after some googleing it has been done + I get the £150 cash back on it.

Now I wanted to used 3x 500GB drives in it. Ideally using Raid 5 this is where I need help.
As its a home lab server I dont want to spend loads on a raid 5 capable card and seen this one:

Supports raid 5 and well under budget..

My question is will this work how I want it with ESXI?
If not could someone recommend a Riad card that would suit my needs / Or suggestions if anyone else has done a similar setup.

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  1. First, I don't suggest using RAID 5 with less than 5 physical disks - 3 for the Array with 1 hot swap, and 1 off for backup in case of a failure. How it works is, if one of the 3 drives of the array go bad, the data gets built to the hot swap and allows you to continue with no performance or data hit. You can then replace the dead drive with the one backup and all is good without being down.

    I do not suggest using that RAID card. A name brand controller is preferred, like Adaptec, LSI, Intel...
    Here is one...
  2. I know how the Raid 5 works and I was OK with using just 3 disks.. I dont need more than 1TB of Data and losing one of the 500GB ones that I had spare is no great loss.

    The idea to get around the issue with out breaking the bank Im not fussed about the quality of the card it is a lab environment and if all goes wrong it will be no great loss.

    That card is nearly more than I paid for the server...

    Will the card I found work with ESXI?

  3. azler said:
    Will the card I found work with ESXI?

    I can't answer that when I can't even figure out who the manufacturer is...

    At that price it really doesn't matter, like you said, you're using it in "a lab environment and if all goes wrong it will be no great loss."
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