4870 CF vs. 5850??

Guyz....Will a single ATI 5850 perform equally or better than 4870 CF (2 gpus at x8)??
If not, is there any 5xxx series card which will be equivalent to 4870 CF (2 gpus at x8)??

Thanks for your time........ :)
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  1. 5870 would equivalent, but 5850 is good enough for resolutions of 1920x1200, u can also OC 5850 to get similar performance than 4870x2.
  2. 2x4870s perform like a 5870 so they are faster than a 5850 but 5850 has lower power consumption,runs cooler and packs new techs such as DX11,Eyefinity etc
    I would choose 5850 instead of 2 4870s because although its slower(not a huge difference though)but has its pros and also as rescawen said,it can be OC'd too
  3. Well, if you already have a single 4870 and a CF capable mobo and a PSU that can handle CF 4870s then Crossfire 4870 will give you solid performance for spending lesser money.

    Otherwise HD5850 is a better buy due to lower power consumption ,DX11 , and better Overclock-ability :)
  4. I would say get HD5850, i think it wouldn't be nice to CF two HD4870, they will produce a lot amount of heat and consumes more power...
    HD5850 offers dx.11 and eyefinity, less heat, less power consumption, and good for a long term.
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