Me and my friend both built gaming PC's his is all Asus, Ati and AMD and mine is all Gibabyte, Intel and Nvidia and since have been constantly debating who's has the edge.
My Specs> CPU Intel i7 920 @ 4Ghz (4cores 8Threads) His Specs> CPU AMD X6 1055 @ 4Ghz (6cores 6Threads)
RAM 4GB OCZ Gold DDR3 @ 1.333Ghz RAM 8GB Kingston DDR3 @ 1.333Ghz
GPU's 2x Gigabyte 1GBDDR3 GTS 250's OC'ed GPU's 2x Asus 1GBDDR5 5770's Stock
HDD's 2x (R.A.I.D. 0) 640GB 7200rpm WDs 32Mb cache HDD 1x 640GB 7200rpm SeaGate 32Mb cache
CASE Antec 902 BLUE LED CASE Cooler Master Haf 932 RED LED
RES 1680x1050 30" RES 1920x1080 24"
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  1. Why not do some benchmarks to prove which is stronger?

    Honestly the I7 is without a doubt more powerful for gaming, games don't use 6 cores so his X6 is no better than an X4 right now. The I7 is much faster clock for clock, so of couse when they're clocked the same it'll perform better.

    Than on the gpu front, the 5770's should be more powerful than GTS 250's, so that computer should be graphically more powerful. I think it'll really come down to specific games, but the AMD/ATI build will probably run most games better due to more powerful video cards.
  2. He has a stronger graphics setup so his setup should be yours in gaming benchmarks except at really low settings where its a CPU bottleneck. For most 1-4 threaded applications the i7 would win, however for video encoding and photoediting his 1055 with its extra memory would have an advantage.
  3. Sorry, your friends system winds pretty easily. Sure the X6 isn't a gaming CPU, but it will game just as well as that i7 with 2 cards or less. And when another terrible console port comes, he may have the advantage with the extra cores. With the rest of games, however, his 5770s will win the day. And sadly, no, your RAID setup doesn't really do much.

    I recommend buying two GTX 460s to piss him off!
  4. Random thing, WHY DO YOU HAVE A 30-inch MONITOR @ 1680*1050!??
  5. But at my resolution doesnt my computer come out ontop im running at only 1680x1050 his has to put out more pixels at 1920x1080 also some games ive found a way to enable the cpu to utilize all 8 threads so its like having an 8 core
  6. It wont come out on top for games as his graphics cards are better..
  7. If he sets his resolution to the same level he will beat you easily, so his is still better. An i7 with hyper threading is NOT the same as having an 8 core CPU, the hyper threads only run about 40-60% the speed of a real core, and since very few games will use more than 4 cores it wouldnt really matter if you had a 20 core CPU.

    Saying that you win because they are running a higher resolution and have more load on their system so they get lower numbers doesnt count because the game will look notably better on his screen than your because of his higher resolution.
  8. GoodDay2USir said:
    But at my resolution doesnt my computer come out ontop im running at only 1680x1050 his has to put out more pixels at 1920x1080 also some games ive found a way to enable the cpu to utilize all 8 threads so its like having an 8 core

    He has to push more pixels, yes, but the performance hit won't change anything, and he will have the higher resolution. Hyperthreading is not like having 8 cores, and you can not utilize it in games. Hyperthreading only helps when doing multiple CPU intensive tasks like video editing, HD encoding, photo shopping, and unRARing a file at the same time. It is completely useless for the majority of people, yourself likely included.
  9. Umm.....Just run the same benchmarks...3DMarkvantage maybe....The conversation is interesting though, I was all, and he was like....
  10. yeah in gaming it's graphic cards that are the bottom line, as long as your have a processor that fast enough to keep up wiht your cards his superior 5770 after better, even if you have similar framrates at your difference res, he gets to enjoy a cleaner picture, of course in most cases your core i7 920 will win against his x6 in things other then gaming, but that's not what your comparing
  11. I have a two fairly equal systems, a Q9550 @ 3.6, and an AMD 955 BE @ 4.0. So for overclock over stock vs overclock, the 955 BE is slightly faster in the CPU test, but the P45 chipset beats the 785G chipset, in graphics. The way I determined this is with benchmarks.
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    If you look at the benchmarks in the "Build a balanced system" article you'll see that with low end cards the 1055Toc and the 920oc perform about equally in gaming. Once you start moving up to stroger GPU's the 920oc almost always does better than the identical card in the 1055Toc setup.

    So in gaming you two are about equal, in processing power the 920 wins.

    Now my question is: Did you lose triple channel memory when you installed 4Gb of ram in that X58 board?
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