AMD 945 or 955

Hi Im looking at the 945 and 955-
The 945 is much better for my price range
but i can get the 955 but i dont really want to
pay that much for a proccessor.

Can someone tell me whether the extra $30-40 is worth
spending to get the 955 and also how much quicker the 955
will be for gaming?

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    There is less than a 10% clock speed difference between the 2, meaning there will be less than a 10% difference in performance. Games will also more than likely be GPU limited, so the difference in gaming performance will be next to impossible to see. If you wanted to overclock I would say grab the 955, but since your not if you want to save a few bucks just get the 945.

    I'm also now sure where your shopping, but I thought the 945 was $140 and 955 was $160, only a $20 difference.
  2. Thanks im going with the 945,
    yep sorry its about a $20 difference my mistake....
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