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Asus P8P67 LE Motherboard questions

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March 6, 2011 5:46:03 PM

Ok so I've ordered the p8p67 LE edition, the Pro was out of stock, and I was in a rush :p , I've been looking around, and it seems that the LE is pretty tough to overclock, I have ordered an i5 2500k with it, and am curious as to whether I can get it to run at over 4ghz


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March 6, 2011 8:02:17 PM

The LE is the "Less Expensive" or "Limited Edition" of the series, and is primarily aimed at those who don't overclock, like companies and such. It doesn't have all of the voltages and settings like normal boards do.

You can do overclocking with software, but it likely won't be as effective.

I would suggest an RMA for refund immediately upon receiving your board. Get a real overclocking board instead.
March 6, 2011 8:05:39 PM

Ok When I cancel the order, what one do I buy? I had my eye on the msi p67a-c45 (Im aware of the lack of Crossfire) one, but if you can find one at for £120 or less then I'd be willing to change :) 
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March 6, 2011 8:25:28 PM

Actually, the C45 would be a good choice. It looks like the MSi equivalent to my ASRock P67 Pro3 board.
March 6, 2011 8:28:13 PM

Excellent, I will contact them and try to exchange the boards, before delivery. ordering on a friday has its benefits! :lol: 
By the way, how high will this board push my CPU? and I see you have it running at 4.8ghz, what case do you have?
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March 6, 2011 8:39:47 PM

I've got a CoolerMaster HAF 912 with six Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F fans (two front and one side for intake, two top and one rear for exhaust). It's a bit noisy, but it lives up to the HAF (High Air Flow) name.

The mainboard has very little to do with how high a Sandy Bridge processor will overclock. Each individual processor has a "multiplier wall" that no amount of voltage or cooling will let you get beyond. I can actually boot my machine and do light activities at up to 52x multiplier, but it gives BSODs and hard-locks when coming down from load. For some, the multiplier wall is 43x (we have at least two here on the forums that are only stable at 4.2GHz) and for others it can be as high as 52x or more.

As long as the board has all of the voltage/overclocking settings enabled, you're good to hit the multiplier wall. About 40% can get to 4.5GHz, but only 10% can get to 4.8GHz or higher.
March 6, 2011 8:44:41 PM

Im gonna have to aim for 4.5 then ^^. I've also been looking at a HAF X, and an NZXT Phantom, which of the two would you go for, this is my first build, So I haven't any experience with any brands etc.

Thanks again!
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March 6, 2011 9:12:40 PM

I would choose the HAF X, but that's because I prefer the industrial look and don't like cases with a door covering the drives. Case choice is pretty personal.
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March 7, 2011 1:48:06 PM

Personally after building in a white phantom, haf-x, a 690ii advanced, storm scout, elite 380, and a few other cheapos..

I personally prefer the phantom, stays a LOT cleaner inside with both management and with dust (all exposed to the same enviroment). temps are about the same, and I've gotten far more comments, looks and general interest from the phantoms... The only downside is the paint (at least the white) comes off kind of easily since it's not powdercoat, but gloss (think automotive).

also take a peek over at bitfenix , the survivor is a nifty case, the colossus and such apparently have a bit of a cooling issue with stock fans, but look great.

March 7, 2011 2:19:29 PM

That Bitfenix looks amazing :o  Have you any experience with it?