Random Hard Lockups... Which component to replace?

Hi everyone,

I built a new gaming PC about 5 months ago, and it's been working fine up until last week. Suddenly, I started experiencing hard lockups that required a hard reboot of the system. I've done quite a bit of testing, and I'm about ready to call it the motherboard.

I've done tested the RAM with memtest, checked to make sure the RAM was operating at the specified settings, checked for bad sectors on my bootdisk, checked temperatures of any and all system devices, and tested to see whether disabling features such as turbomode or c-states were at fault.

This problem is not isolated to windows - it happens on any OS that I try to use on the computer. Nothing in specific seems to trigger the lockups; it happens just as soon while idling as it does while running Prime95. Sometimes it will take 10 minutes for the crash to happen, sometimes it takes up to 24 hours.

What do you say? I'm ready to call it the mobo - but what does this problem sound like to you guys?

Core i5 750
ECS P55H-A motherboard
Corsair TX750 PSU
4x 1GB Crucial DDR3 1066
Raptor X 150GB bootdisk
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  1. Is there anything showing up in the event logs that shows a particular hardware bit that is locking it up? Is the hard drive activity light solid on when the lockups happen? Theres just a whole lot of things that could be going on here.
    Have you tryed re-installing the chipset drivers? Was there any software changes made right before this started happening?

    As you see, alot of questions that may affect how this can be answered.
    Ive seen some hard locks before, from both hardware and software, though most are hardware caused, you just cant overlook the software side when you try to sort these out.

    If you can fill me in on some of these things it will help me help you.

    Good luck, Dead
  2. Event logs never consistently show anything hardware related before any of the hard lockups. Hard drive light is always off during lockups. I've already ruled out software, because both Windows 7 and Ubuntu (Dual booting off the same drive) display the exact same problem, and both worked fine earlier. Booting off a livecd produced freezes also, but it took much longer to happen.

    Hope this helps...
  3. First thing I would suspect is your BIOS settings for your RAM are not correct. Have you manually forced the voltage and timings for your RAM in the BIOS? The p55 motherboard will set the RAM voltage to 1.5V and you probably have 1.65V RAM.
  4. According to crucial, my ram should be running at 1.5v. My mobo is currently providing 1.504v to the ram, according to my Bios screen.
  5. Are the timings set correctly and the frequency/multiplier set so you are not running them over the 1066 rating?
  6. Yep. I've checked and double checked the RAM settings several times, and it passes memtest just fine. Anything else I can do?
  7. Have you run Chkdisk/scandisk to be sure its not HDD format errors?
  8. On my boot disk, I ran chkdsk and also a physical bad cluster search. Should I do the same for my non-system disks as well?
  9. At this point I'm going to agree with your original assesment, something on the MB has gone to random faulting on you.
    Best bet is either that, or some random problem in the CPU, but I dont know of any way you could check for that!

    Good luck, Dead
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