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I currently have a Sapphire Radeon 5850 1gb card, I want to buy another 5850 in the next months, since the only available cards here are powercolor(abundantly), should I just get it or place an order fo the exact same 5850 I have. I am still scouting for the ud3a which isnt readily available here either...

Also If I do get hands on a 2gb Toxic, would my total memory in crossfire only be 2 in crossfire or 3?
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    You can mix and match different brands of 5850, so say for example you could have a sapphire and a powercolor HD5850 in crossfire.

    If you added a 2GB Toxic 5850 to your 1GB 5850, you'd end up with 1GB total VRAM as the VRAM isn't added together and it always defaults to the lowest amount/speed.

    I Would recommend you go for the cheapest HD5850 1GB card.
  2. Indeed, if you add a 2gb 5850 it`s speed will be reduced to 1gb to match the other 5850. Buying a 2gb 5850 will be a waste of money. It`s better to have cards with the same memory

    Having 2x1gb cards wont increase your VRAM to 2gb as your system won`t recognize them that way but it will reconise it as 2 x 1gb GPU`s.
    Even a single Radeon 4870x2 is reconised as having 2gb of VRAM on CCC
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