PCI ssd and sata pci adaptor advice

I currently have a 1tb hdd and a mb that doesnt support sata 3 and now im thinking about getting a ssd for boot.

Would it be better for me to buy a pci ssd or to buy some kind of pci sata 3 card and buy a sata ssd?

i7- 920
ex-58 extreme gigabyte
asus 6950
Samsung 7200rpm 1tb hdd
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  1. Depends on how rich you are.

    Very rich: get a PCI-Express SSD.

    A little rich: get a PCI-Express SATA III controller card. Not one with just x1 PCI-E lane; they can't keep up with SATA III speeds.

    Not rich: Do what I did. Attache SSD to SATA II port and experience blazing system performance compared to what you had when you booted from a hard drive.
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