Ok so im building an amd phenom ii rig with an x4 955 be and i need a mobo that supports minium x16 sli, 6gbps sata, usb 3.0, and the usual standard goodies. I was currently looking at Msi NF980-G65 AM3 mobo but realized it wont support my gskill 4gb 1600mhz ddr3 or my sata 6bps or usb 3.0. So any one know some good mobos that will get the job done.
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  1. amd does not support sli only crossfire
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    AMD doesn't but motherboard manufactures have added SLI support for AMD processors....

    ASUS is one of my favorite motherboards manf....
  3. You've basically found the best AM3 SLI board available.

    rollaballinc, I disagree with that statement; AMD chipsets don't support SLI, but there are some decent motherboards available with nVidia chipsets that do it just fine.

    Basically put, I haven't seen any nVidia AM3 boards out there that support what you want - the G65 is the best one I've seen to date. Sorry.
  4. ok if the amd chipset does not support it then i was correct AMD does not support SLI.. the mobo manufactures make it work though
  5. Ok well i found the asus crosshair IV Formula which im liking pretty good, as for sli i will just do the sli mod in the future. Also will the Asus Crosshair IV Formula support DDR3 1600mhz g.skill or corsair ram, if yes can you give me some compatible 4/8gb ram kit. If no is there some kind of way to like overclock or isnt ther some kind of make memory work button? Thanks
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