Is there an industry-standard MB to replace a dell dimension 5100 MB

Is there an industry-standard motherboard that will replace a dell dimension 5100 motherboard?
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  1. Ascendtech has an Intel 965 btx board for $39.99. Most are used. 965 will run older core2 duos, such as the e6400.
  2. Keep in mind there will be issues with reinstalling the Operating System. When you change the motherboard Windows will likely detect it as a new System and will no longer be Activated.

    If so, you have a few options:

    1) Purchase a new Operating System (Windows 7 x64 Premium OEM for around $100)

    2) attempt to Reactivate through Microsoft telling them your motherboard was replaced but it's the same PC (probably will work)

    When you replace the motherboard you mainly need to know:
    1) the socket type for the CPU
    2) the type of motherboard (BTX, ATX..)

    Without more information I can't say anymore. If you're attempting to create a gaming PC also keep in mind that your CPU will limit how good of a Graphics card you can purchase (an older HD-4770 will max out an X2-4800+; a modern HD5870 will use on average about 25% of the maximum processing potential of an i7-860.)

    It's usually not worth upgrading an older computer. I advise NOT changing the motherboard unless you are having problems.

    Many Dell PC's have Power Supplies that are insufficient to power a high-end graphics card.
  3. Thank you to o1die & phontonboy.

    The Dell MB has died & I want to replace it with my old Intel D946GZIS.

    I bought an APEVIA ATX-CB600W 600W ATX12V Power Supply on sale and am prepared to do the sheet metal work to drill &/or cut the back plane to match the D946GZIS I/O shield.

    So, more specifically; my focus is to understand what needs to be addressed regarding the power switch connection - I had seen a blog entry indicating the power switch wiring in the Dell is non-standard.

    Apologies for the ambiguity of my initial question.
  4. Too bad you didn't know about the Intel board first. It would have been much easier to use another btx board than cut and drill the Dell case.
  5. Do you mean MB4INTG965BTX at @39.95 ?

    I can only view from a plan/overhead view and the backplane rear panel ports appear to differ from the standard Dell RD203 configuration.

    I also found a MB4DELRD203 at @ $99.99
    which looks to be an exact replacement
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