Coolermaster hyper 212 plus help!!

Hi, I am in the process of putting my components together but had a question. My question is regarding the CM Hyper 212 Plus and CPU (i7-930). What is the best method to apply the thermal paste that came with the CM Hyper 212 plus? I read just put a pea size dab on the CPU and put the Heatsink on top, would that be better?

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  1. for the above picture do I apply 2 thin lines and also apply a pea size dab on the cpu or only the heatsink?
  2. Hmmm, I think everyone has their own method on how to do things.

    That picture is simply showing that the user sanded down the bottom of the heatsink to get it more flat. Then you apply the thermal compound to fill in the microscopic gaps in the metal(s). Wipe it gently away and you're good.


    I've personally done the lube on the proc and a plastic baggie on the finger to spread the compound evenly to a thin level. Like I said everyone has their own preferences so pick one and stick to it. I've been using my own method for 20+ years without problems so ... baggie lives on.
  3. Baggie is plastic and repels liquids. Could use a dish-glove or anything like that.

    Qtip is absorbant, why not just use an old rag? :p

    Ive used a toothpick to push goo around and scrape it off. Solid and non-magnetic.
  4. Quote:
    No, it also shows placing two lines of TIM in the center of the pipes covers nearly all the surface of the CPU.
    Read the link.

    lol on the baggie. Once i tried using a q-tip and the results were, well pretty bad.

    A Q-tip can leave fibers which would be bad. I lapped one hyper 212+ as the grooves were fairly large. I would put very very thin lines of TIM in the grooves and a small dot in the center of the processor.
  5. When I installed my CM 212 hyper, there was a solid aluminum base, not a base integrated with the cooler pipes at the point where the base makes CPU contact. This was 3 months ago. I don't know what's in the above picture, but it doesn't look anything like the hyper 212 I installed.
  6. Actually found the box and it DOES look like the pic above. Sorry, my bad.
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