Ati radeon hd 5750 flash fullscreen problems

Hello Guys,

I am facing this problem since i have bought this card. its been more than 4 months now, its been a long way of driver updates ... but even with CCC 10.4 version. i still get random mouse pointer enlarge problems and fullscreen flash windows crash problems.

i think i have made a mistake by considering this card of ATI. it seems ATI cant figure out the problem with all their hot fixes and all the power on card. it just seems worthless.

even the websites which have fullscreen capacity, i have to browse through them with a windowed mode. i cant even test my full screen projects.

be is fullscreen flv, swf or a flash EXE (projector file), they all CRASH.

this is frustrating after spending such amount, ATI cant even come up with a solution to this? and its not just couple of guys in the world. its EVERYONE who has ATI 5000+ Series (i am not sure about the lower ends)

at least nVIDIA is stable in that sense man ...
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  1. Right click on the screen, go to settings and disable hardware acceleration.
  2. thanks jyjjy.

    i did that, and it did work, thanks man.

    another problem i am facing is while using Photoshop, where i can not use the hardware acceleration because if i do so and if i go fullscreen in Photoshop, system crashes. and this is not a generic crash like being unresponsive, its a hardware crash and it restarts.

    any idea on this?
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