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I ran out of disk space with 200g as raid 1 and replaced with 500g drives. I cant find any info on using the 200g drives as c: drive and the 500g drives as d: drive and using raid 1. Is it possible using ICH9R controller?
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  1. ??

    Sounds like you have two 200 G drives in RAID1 and two empty 500 G drives. You could make a separate RAID1 of the two 500 G drives and mount it as D. Is this what you are asking? It sounds a little clunky. And keep in mind: RAID1 is not a substitute for backups. You should also do backups to removable media.
  2. Yes, thats it. I just thought it was a waste not use the 200g drives is all. I also have a NAS.
  3. It all depends on your budget and your outlook on life. Me, in your situation I would buy a 1 TB drive, run it single but do frequent backups. Probably to the 2 200 G and the 2 500 G drives. There are many approaches to using the same hardware.

    If you want RAID1, then two separate ones, one of 200 G and one of 500 G, is entirely reasonable.
  4. I have 2x1 TB in my NAS that I use as backup, along with an external drive and a second computer. I like to separate the O/S from my other files and programs because I like to play around with things and about once a year I mess things up so bad that I have to reinstall the O/S and what ever else is on C: drive( usually cant restore or repair for some reason ). Even though I have back ups now, its just an old habit from the past, and I like more than one back up. Thanks for your help. I did think your way but just wanted to use the 200g drives that would just lay around otherwise.
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