9800gx2 spring clean :C

hello yesterday although my graphics card was happy processing through bfbc2 it was building up a bit of noise and sounded as if it was about to take off.

so me being me decided that I would take it apart and clean it so cleaned it put some thermal paste onto the gpu chips, instead of all over the place like it was from factory, and then I put it back together.

now when i turn my computer on I get no signal from my graphics card and I get a yellow lights on then surface of each board but only one yellow light on the indicators outside of the board.

I have tried:

reseating the board
resetting the bios
tightening screws that hold it to heat sink

I didn't use any antistatic precautions even though i have been working as a technician for 2 years now and have gain a fair bit of experience. I've only ever static shocked my own components :C last time it was a wireless nic.

does anyone have experience with these cards and know anything I should try I need to use my machine today and its fair to say that the local computer shops around me don't have anything worth buying even as a temporary replacement.


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  1. Sorted i hadnt put thick enough thermal paste on nor had i leveled it out when i screwed it back together thank god that i checked again before i went out hunting for a replacment
  2. okay, good to hear that.. :)
  3. back to "happy processing through bfbc2" :)
  4. well a benifit of that new paste you might be able to overclock a bit more now, i got lower temps after i did the same thing then got to overclock a bit more
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