Help chosing a black case...

I just want suggestions for pc cases with black interior, and if its possible blue leds and window...
Ive seen the antec 1200, cooler master sniper and lancool dragonlord pc-k62... any other suggestions please??
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  1. Antec 902 is a little smaller and cheaper but still has everything your are looking for
  2. What, is a white interior not good enough for ya? :D

    Plenty of cases are doing that nowadays. This is probably the cheapest, and its very nice for the price. I just used one in a build, and it was pretty nice to work with. Its got one blue LED exhaust fan, but since its so cheap, just get one of these with it and put it in front.
  3. :D i have a way to get haf x very very cheap :D:D (same priec as 932 in my country) so i will get it... it haf red light but no problem :P
  4. Get any case you like the look of,
    get a tin of black spraypaint.....
  5. 650d is menacing
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