Wireless routers that work with Vista and Windows 7

I have Windows Vista on a Dell laptop connected with a Linksys router, WRT54G v8 (Hubby uses). I just purchased another Dell laptop for my use and it has Windows 7. Unfortunately, I do not have the key code for the router and need to purchase a new router that will work with both laptops and systems. I am not very computer savy and would appreciate the assistance.
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  1. You can use pretty much any router with any operating system.

    Read or download the manual for your present router.

    If the password to enter the router setup screens has been changed
    you can reset the router to defaults by pressing the reset button (usually on the same panel as the sockets and behind a pinhole).

    Once in the router setup screens go to wireless security and review or renew wireless security type and passphrase (if any) and apply to computer's wireless adapter user interface or to Windows Wireless Connection screen.
  2. Dlink dir 655 or 825!
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