The answer to the 260fsb/Ht wall on the 1055t!!!!!!!

hi 2days ago i bought and a phenom II 1055t and tryed to hit 4ghz (it looks so easy)
but the when i came @ 265fsb/HT black screen i could,t even boot!
and yes al my setting were good even tryed cpu multy @ 10x
after trying i notised that it is not posible :pfff:
the next day i yust wen,t trying retarded things
i went butting my ram multi up! from 3.33 to 4 multy
i got kingston HX 8500 (1066mh) that was running @ 952mh and didn,t work now on 1144mh and it boot in to windows!!!!
so i think the big problem of the 1055t 260fsb/Ht is the memory multy!
i hope there going to be some new bios 4 this prop :sarcastic:
pleas comment you,r settings ;)
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  1. Was it stable at any settings before then? Not all CPUs can reach 4GHz so you need to work your way up to it slowly. What motherboard do you have too as that will affect higher OCs.
  2. i have a m4a79 deluxe
    and yes all setting under 260 were stable
  3. Have you tried giving it a small voltage bump to boost stability a bit? If that doesnt work you may very well have hit the limit on your CPU.
  4. i think you don,t under stand i can hit 4ghz cpu on 1146mhz memory but not on 952mhz
    weird *** :pt1cable:
  5. update:
    yust found out that ddr3 suffers the same prop when using 5.33 multi (1066)
    if you got ddr3 you get stuck on low fsb when using this multi
    dont use it!!!
    and pleas tel me is it helps you :kaola:
    now hit 4ghz!!!! :fou:
  6. ur doing something wrong
  7. xaira said:
    ur doing something wrong

    eh i,m overclocking for 3 years now and you,r telling me i am doing some thing :o
    tel me what am i doing wrong and pleas google :( 1055t 260fsb ) and read som other poeple who are stuck
    cpu multi:14
    mem:952mhz (black screen) 1144mhz (boot)
    turbo: off
    cpu volt:1.5
    cpu/nb volt:1.3
    nb volt:1.3
    mem volt:2.3
    HT volt:1.3

    i,m using a m4a79 deluxe /1055t /kingstone HX 1066mhz / antec quattro 850w / 2x5850
  8. the real question is do you really want to be at 4ghz with a 952mhz memory clock?
    I think not.
  9. with the 1055t you whont see much improvement if use 800mhz or higer
    at least not if you,r gaming 1080p and up
    the other thing is that 1144mhz isn,t 100% stable 4 me when i run mem test
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