SLI Gaming freezes computer

I am running out troubleshooting ideas here.

I have 2 GTX 260's in SLI. I installed windows on 2 RAID SSD's. It worked PERFECTLY, it was fast, it was lean, mean, ass kicking machine.

One of my hard drives failed and I used my backup spindle 7200 drive and installed a fresh copy of windows 7 on it to use until my RMA from OCX finished.


Everytime I play a game, it will freeze, usually after about 10-30 minutes. The cards are the same, but, have 2 different BIOS, I flashed the newer bios to the older bios so now they are matching bios. The only difference between them is one has 65 nm, the other 55 nm (could this be it?)

What is weird, is that when I use 1 card, It will still freeze on me.

Are there any programs out there that keep active logs of what goes on when a video card freezes? A logfile somewhere?

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. ^ It doesnt have to do anything with the manufacturing...
    I suspect a driver/ firmware/ BIOS problem since there were no issues before the re-installation...
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