Good build for Aion on max settings?

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Probably in about a month

BUDGET RANGE: Up to $850, maybe just a little bit more BEFORE rebates


PARTS NOT REQUIRED:keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS(have windows 7 64bit)



PARTS PREFERENCES: Would like to use an AMD Phenom II x4 945 at very least, mid tower case, dont care about GPU brand, just performance, currently thinking about a 9800 GT or GTX; HD 5770 maybe SLI/crossfire and/or RAID if it can be fit in affordably, might have to wait a while for those though


MONITOR RESOLUTION: currently 1600x1200, though I might be upgrading my monitor soon

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:A cool looking case like an NZXT Lexa S Crafted Mid Tower Case would be preferable, would like a computer that will last a while too [...] =A406-1096

I need a good build tht will be able to smoothly run Aion on Max settings, like stated above, and that will last a good while. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Here's something i'm thinking about right now:

CPU:AMD Phenom II x4 945 [...] u=A79-0945

Motherboard:MSI NF980-G65 [...] =M452-6064

GPU:PNY GeForce 9800GTX [...] u=P56-9820

RAM:4GB Corsiar XMS3 Dual Channel DDR3 RAM [...] No=4837614

Case:NZXT Lexa S Crafted Mid Tower Case [...] No=5222598

Ultra 650 Watt PSU [...] No=3276573

Hard Drive:Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive [...] SD-500AALS]

And then of course some optical drive, which I haven't decided on yet

And again, I am thinking about using a SLI or RAID setup, although one or both of those might have to wait a while.
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  1. Your links are broken. In any case, I'd say no to any Ultra PSU, unless it has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and 80+ certification; then I'd say "maybe," as I have a lot more confidence in Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, or even most (similarly equipped) OCZ.
  2. I'd get an OCZ ModXStream 600w PSU over that Ultra. I'm using one right now, and it's rock solid with no voltage fluctuation that I can see. Other than the fact that all of your links are broken, I'd say to go for a little better Radeon HD card over that 9800GTX; maybe a 5770 if you can afford it. I can't check the price of what you have listed there right now.
  3. Ultra was a top PSU company. They are the inventor of the modular PSU. Unfortunately they still seem to be producing the same old models they have for years instead of upgrading them for the heavier 12V loads needed on modern gaming machines.

    Corsair has priced their RAM a little high lately, you might find some Gskill, Geil or Mushkin with the same or better timings for cheaper.

    9800 GTX+ is 2 generations behind now. At least get a GT250 which is the same thing but newer so it uses alot less power. The 5770 is almost 50% faster and a much better value right now.

    Caviar black 500GB will be an older, slower model. Get a much faster Samsung F3 or Seagate 7200.12.
  4. DND Just pretty much said it all. I'd also recommend getting an MSI 790FX-GD70 instead of an nForce board. From what I've seen from them, they're a little problematic when actually using SLI, and are just overall more error-prone than AMD chipsets. The 790FX-GD70 is only $8 more, and supports everything up to x8/x8/x8/x8 Quad Crossfire. It could go either way here... if you want nVidia graphics, go with the nForce board. If you're willing to get a Radeon HD card (which I'd recommend doing), then I'd go with the 790FX. Your call.
  5. ^totally agree with that

    5770 would be a good buy...the one you picked is too don't want to build anything with outdated stuff and 5770 will be able to run aion on max

    and if you have the money i would up your CPU to 955 and matching mobo for that asus or gigabyte board

    with all those changes should make your system last longer
  6. ^with that said...i would go for 790FX with 5770 video card and that will give you the option to add one more 5770 for crossfire....which will give you option to upgrade when you need more juice to run future games
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