Hd 5770 with LCD 18inch

My future plan to buy hd 5770 vapor-x with LCD 18 or 20 inch if i had enough money for 20 inch.

My question:

- Can i play game like Crysis, Ghoshtbuster, or ninja assasin with High experiance gaming by using hd 5770 and
LCD 18inch...?

- If i play those game, can my hd 5770 give best support and not stuck while i played that game...? cause my 9400 GT i play Crysis with medium resolution it sometimes stuck. are hd 5770 Vapor-x also like 9400GT or I need to buy hd 5850...?

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  1. ^ Assuming the monitors will have resolutions 1680X1050/ 1440x900/ 1600x900, then the HD 5770 can play Crysis without any issues just maybe you would have to turn the settings say from Very-High to High...
    My friend has a HD 5770 + i5 750 setup and plays Crysis Warhead at 1920x1080 at enthusiast settings with occasional lag but most of the time not noticeable...
    But Crysis Warhead is better optimized than Crysis 1 so it doesnt require than much graphics power...
    If you will be getting a 1920x1080 resolution monitor(monitor size doesnt matter much, resolution only matters), then only get the HD 5850...
  2. Ok... The resolution of the LCD are 1366x768 acer product.

    When i play Crysis Warhead with 9400GT it not stuck but the game play are not sharp and smooth.

    If i buy hd 5770 Vapor-x can it solve my problem when i play Crysis again.?
  3. ^ For that resolution, even the 5670/ 5750 would suffice...
    Like I said, my friend play the Crysis Warhead at Full HD - 1920x1080 at enthusiast settings with occasional lag...and if he turns down the settings even a little bit, he can play wihtout any issues...
  4. I am playing games like Left 4 Dead and Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare with HD 5770 set to 1920x1200 on 24" LCD and graphics are maxed in both games and getting solid 70+ FPS when there is a lot on the screen, no lag, and about 125+ FPS just running through "empty" streets (1-2 enemy running by), so at that resolution you should not have to much of an issue, make sure you have more then 450 watt PSU with at least 2 +12volt rails.
  5. Ok... What about AA...? Can i also set a max AA for both Crysis with hd 5770 Vapor-x at 24 Inch or Below that size..?
  6. I would avoid AA on a 24 inch with 5770. 1920 x 1200 is the limit of the 5770, it is the resolution where games start to test it, throw in AA and you will likely struggle, but High settings without AA should be fine
  7. Ok... What if i buy LCD at 20 Inch or below that size...?

    For example at 1366x768, can i play crysis at full resolution with max AA too...?
  8. dont forget to get a 3.0ghz quad or better. lower resolutions are cpu bound.
  9. Ok... I now had Amd Phenomx4 3.21Ghz

    So I can max crysis in "resolution" and "AA" if i buy HD 5770 and LCD 1366X768 RIGHT...?
  10. Yes you can play crysis and most game in max. Depend of memory and cpu...
  11. Depend of memory and cpu..???????

    Can you tell me details about that Misko 195..?
  12. Ooo.. now i see.

    Thanks you all.... But i think hd 5850 are nice too.. :-)
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