Dell PE T110 with PERC S100 RAID 1, 2 Drives - difficult to upgrade?

I have a 3 year old Dell PowerEdge T110 with Windows Server 2008, RAID 1 with 2x146gb serial SCSI drives and a PERC S100 controller.

There are no errors, but i have only 3gb of storage remaining, and need to upgrade asap.

I am fairly technically literate, and wouldn't mind tackling this on my own if it's not too complex.


1. Is replacing the drives as simple as replacing one at a time, loading the PERC controller, designating the new drive as a mirror, and letting it rebuild? Then replacing the other with the same process?

2. If so, how will I get access to the additional storage space on my larger drives? Will the controller automatically identify this space, or will I need to use a drive utility to enlarge the partition?

I suspect I'm looking at this too simplistically, but any help you can provide is appreciated. I'm in a bind now, as my server is no longer functioning properly due to the lack of storage.

Thank you.
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  1. Hi there,

    I am currently trying to upgrade a clients RAID array. They also have the Dell PowerEdge T110, Windows Server 2008 and a PERC S100 controller.

    I have had nothing but issues with this controller and I am ready to abandon it. They currently have RAID1 with two 249GB drives. I am attempting to replace one drive, then a second as you are planning to do. I first tried with a set of SSD's. It would recognize a new drive but would not allow me to configure it even though it was claiming that it was. I abandoned the SSD's and went for regular drives. At first glance, the regular 500GB drive was off to a normal start. I assigned it as a mirror, and the server started imaging the first drive. The system was then up for about 3 hours and started to BSOD. I could not find any issues with Windows, so I proceeded to remove the new drive and see what happened.

    After removing the new drive, the server was fine again. upon re-inserting the new drive, the same issues cropped up. I imagine it is some sort of firmware issue causing incompatibility. The problem is, who wants to risk updating the firmware or BIOS on a server that is needed for processing daily sales?

    I hope my experiences with this controller offer you some sort of advice. My main point here is that things can get very ugly very quickly. I hope your experience is better than mine. I will now be imaging the drive and using a hardware RAID controller instead.

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