My system BSoD'ed and ran Chkdsk automatically, and it fixed a few errors, so it's made me want to know how my drive is performing...

If any one here knows anything about S.M.A.R.T, I'll post my results here so people can look at them.

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  1. Here it is in Defraggler.
  2. Your SMART is good no problems.
  3. pjmelect said:
    Your SMART is good no problems.

    Thanks for the reply :D

    And I really do hope it's good. A few guys from another forum said my drive isn't in the best of shapes. :/
  4. Your drive is in decent shape.
  5. Why don't you think that your drive is good? The status of the programs that you used to check the SMART data says that it is good as well. If you are really concerned about your drive, download the manufacturer of your hard drive diagnostic software from their web sit and run it.

    A blue screen is more likely to be caused by problem memory or driver problems (particularly video drivers) try downloading memtest86 and run for at least three passes to test your memory.
  6. Well I actually got 2 BSoDs today.

    1) Once while typing
    2) Once while playing CoD 4

    I'm worried about my hard drive because guys from another forum said my drive looked like one that has been heavily used for months. I only bought it a month ago, roughly.
  7. Your hard drive according to the SMART data has only been powered on for eleven days, which would be about right for a months use. I think the guys in the other forum do not know what they are talking about.
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