ATI Radeon 5850 vs 5870

I'm building a new system, and I don't know which one to get. The 5870 is pricey, but has great performance. The 5850 is ~$100 cheaper, but it has about 20 less fps on all games. Which one should I get for a 21.5 inch, 2ms, 1920x1080 monitor.
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  1. The HD 5850 will play games at that rez well, like you said you will get 20 to 30 % more performance out of a HD 5870.

    Its really your call, i have a HD 5850 and i am very pleased with my FPS in games. Even crysis i can do min 30 fps on very high no AA

    IMO the HD 5850 will still be a good card in 2 years, you might have to start turning down the setting then. or buy a new GPU.

    Everyone's different tho, i sell my PC every 3 years and upgrade the whole rig.
  2. I would take the HD5850, it is good at that resolution, and save the $100.
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