Going from SSD to HDD and then to another SSD on a single install

Hello, everyone. I am currently running Windows off of my Agility 3 SSD, but I need to RMA it because I have been getting stability issues ever since I install the SSD and installed Windows onto it. It was a fresh Windows install and the issues have been getting worse lately.

My question is, would it be possible for me to clone the SSD onto another HDD and run off that HDD while the SSD is being RMA'd? Then when I get a replacement SSD, I would clone the HDD back onto the SSD.

Here is the setup I have in my system. Pretend I have 3 drives (1 SSD, 2 HDDs) (I actually have 6, but 3 is better for this question). The Windows install is split across the SSD and 1 HDD. I would be cloning onto the last HDD.

SSD: (120GB)
-Windows folder itself
-Program Files (x86 and 64-bit) (holds a few programs)

HDD1: (1TB)
-Program Files (x86 and 64-bit) (holds most of my programs)
-Users (My Documents, Downloads, etc)

HDD2: (640GB or 1TB because I haven't decided which drive I would clone to yet)
-Random files (but pretend it's blank because I can move those files onto another drive)

Would it be possible for me to clone the SSD onto HDD2 (and use that as my Windows drive for a while) and then back onto the new SSD without losing TRIM or possibly corrupting my install? That way I wouldn't have to reinstall Windows because of the RMA. I hope that makes sense and I didn't confuse anyone reading this.
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    what is the RMA process for that place?

    You should ask if they can cross ship you the new SSD first, or just process it as a return and new order.

    That being said, if stability is the goal, just reinstall....
    If you setup your os/apps right it should not take a long time to redo it.
  2. I just called them and they said I can do an Advanced RMA (different name for cross shipping). It's just not on their web RMA form. I'm glad you reminded me that some companies give you that option. It completely skipped my mind.

    I know I should just reinstall Windows, but I can't afford the downtime right now. It'd cost me a couple hundred dollars. In a few weeks I'll be able to afford it and it won't cost me anything, but right now I can't afford it.

    When I reinstalled Windows after installing the SSD, it took me 2 days to reinstall all my programs and then a week to get all the settings perfect. That's the issue. I'll probably reinstall Windows in a few weeks.
  3. Edit. Stupid question that could have been answered with a Google search.
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