Memory and GPU upgrade for my computer?

My friend has a Dell Inspiron 530 desktop. I want to add some new hardware to speed it up. Currently i'm using the integrated graphics and 2gb of ram. I just bought a new hard-drive (Samsung 1 TB Spinpoint 7200 RPM 32MB Cache). I'm going to install Windows 7 on the new hard-drive. The motherboard has a PCI express x16 (1.0) and space for 2 more sticks of ram. Here are 2 sticks i have chosen

So now the part where i need help? here is the link to Newegg's GPU section....

$100 budget also i dont know if the (1.0) limits what kind of GPU the motherboard can take.

Also will the ram and GPU speed it up or will the GPU itself be better? (vice-versa) with the RAM.

Computer use is web-browsing/youtube/music/---- :)
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    this should be somewhat helpful.
    also, make sure you install he x64 bit version of win7. it will ask you upon installation.
  2. for a graphics card, but you may need to upgrade your psu. please tell us what psu is in there. that way we can determine if the card will work...
  3. Its a 300w PSU... i tested what its currently running at and the PSU pulls about 60W average maybe peaks to 80w MAYBE.. so any gpu around 100$ should be fine..

    also the motherboard does not support x64...
  4. Just some initial thoughts (im sure u already know this anyways),

    I was under the impression 32-bit OS's can only utilize around 3.3 GB of RAM. Maybe Windows 7 can utilize all 4.
    If the former is the case, you might want to save some money and get 2x512 sticks. Actually, with that CPU, you are probably fine with 2GB. Im not sure how much more performance you will get from adding more RAM.
    Also, if you do decide to add RAM, keep in mind that your RAM is 667mhz, so the 800mhz RAM you are buying will have its speed lowered to match the 667 (maybe you can OC the 667 to 800? idk. im a newb).

    My advice would be to skip the RAM and use the money saved to get the best GPU that will a) work with your mobo, b)work with your power supply c)wont be severely bottlenecked by the cpu.

    Goodluck. let us know how it goes.
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