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Has dell done anything about their power cord problem?

Hello, I've had a Dell Inspiron 9300 for about five years,and I've gone through power cords at the rate of one a year -- and the power cord keeps falling out of the back of the computer. Have newer Dells fixed this problem?
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  1. Is there something in your mode of usage that is causing this to happen? Usually, the power cord is a snug fit in the socket, and will come apart (disconnect) if moved with slight axial tension.

    If this were mine, I would place the power supply connector end in a bench vise jaws and slightly make it out-of-round. By doing so, I will increase the retaining force of the connection. Have a micrometer handy for measuring the out-of-round condition. Start with 0.002" difference.
  2. The thing is, it's not just this one -- I've gone through about two power cords a year since I've had this computer, and they've all had that problem. And everyone I know who has a Dell laptop has the same problem. So I'm wondering if the new Dells have a power cord I won't hate.
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    When I was in college(2006-2009), me and all my classemates had Dell Lattitudes. Every last one of us had our power cord replaced 1-3 times because the insulation would began to tear showing the wires inside or the wires would break and the core no longer worked.
  4. Never had a problem with any of the Dells I had. A couple of times I had to squeeze the prongs together slightly, no big deal, then all was fine.
  5. I have an Inspiron 1520 which had the problem with the power plug falling out. I solved it by taking a long wire wrap and wrapping the power plug's end tightly to the mouse's USB plug end right next to it.
  6. OT: You sound like you want to get a new computer cause of this. Anyways I have owned a Dell Inspiron E1405 from a few years ago, and my step-father, and real father both own Dells from last year, and neither of them have had this problem or any others with the power cord. So no, you won't hate them.
  7. I did need a new computer, but not because of this -- it was just an annoyance. But the responses here bothered me a bit. Everyone I know who has a Dell has had trouble with the power cords. This seems to be just a coincidence -- apparently most people don't. But I'm guessing that means Dell doesn't regard it as a problem, and that means they won't be doing anything to solve it.
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  9. Even worse the New Alienware Mx 17 has a built in power cord and half the time the Bios does not recognize it. I guess Dell wanted to stop everyone from using replacement power cords since theirs are so expensive. Now they have scrwed up the Alienware Laptops and have no answer in support on how to repair them. 4000 dollars for a laptop that does not work except for a door stop. 3 months and no replacement yet. Dell lost me and many more customers.
  10. I found a solution after playing around with all kinds of methods-even Velcro. Velcro worked for a while but wore out. My latest invention for my XPS is a piece of an old spring shaped into an omega symbol. On the XPS the power cord is right next to the lock down slot. I place the cord into the loop of the spring and compress the spring and insert the spring tips into this slot. This really works out fantastic. But again it might only work on the XPS.
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