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my computer here originally came with some integrated graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE and i put in a ati radeon hd 4670. now i recently heard there was a way to select the amount of shared memory to be used for gaming or whatever my question is if i reenabled the the nividia card and upped the video ram to like 256(theres 700 something on there) would it add to the 512 that i get from my other card and if it does would it cause more power to be used from the psu
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  1. The use of shared memory (for ATI it called HyperMemory, for NVidia it's called TurboCache) is limited to on-board (integrated) chipsets and some budget class graphic cards. Your HD 4670 will not utilize your integrated chipset's ability to use TurboCache memory.

    -Wolf sends
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