Will this ram work?

My brother has a Dell comp. with 2g(2x1gb) of ddr2 ram in it, Im unsure of the speed but I have 4gb (2x2gb) 1000.

Since i have 2 slots left on my memory, can I take his 2 sticks out and put them in mine and run 6gb?
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  1. In theory... yes

    In real world... unlikely

    RAM and Motherboard compatability is typically based on the RAM being equal (same make, model, timings... Etc) to have the greatest compatability with the motherboard. If the RAM is different, it runs at the lowest speeds and you have a much higher chance of BSOD. I wouldn't recommend adding your brother's RAM to your PC.
  2. would or wouldnt?
  3. Hi.

    Check the model of ur brother's rig in the DELL's web page and u can find the speed of the RAM. If it's a old model, I think that the RAM is 533,MHz, 667MHz or 800MHz

    And yeah u can use it in ur rig, but the 4GB 1000 that u currrentky have will run at the same speed of the 2GB of ur brother's rig.
  4. Yes, it will work as saint19 stated, but your current faster memory will be slowed down to your brother's RAM speed and you will increase your chances of random BSOD since the RAM stickes don't match.

    I still wouldn't recommend adding your brother's RAM unless all things were equal with the RAM sticks.

    (I got the "wouldn't" part correct this time :D & edited in my original post)
  5. ^+1

    More if u want install it in the rig that u have in ur sig u won't see any performance increase since that mobo and CPU don't support tri-channel RAM and even for tri-channel configuration the RAM must be equal size, CL and voltage.
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