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I will build a new gaming pc in early september. I am thinking of buying i7 950 (if its price drops). But will it be able to handle latest dual gpu setups for next four or five years or it will get outdated with the launch of lga 2011 chips? Should I go for a cheaper cpu like i5 760 or phenom ii x 6? I am planning to sli two gtx 475s.
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  1. I meant phenom ii x2 550.
  2. Humm.... i7 920 overclocked won`t make a cpu bottleneck. But it won`t handle the latest dual gpu setups for the next four or five years, because technology advances too fast each half a year.

    It`s like asking will a Pentium 4 bottleneck dual gpu systems today. Yes it will, but a few years earlier it didn`t.
  3. so will i5 750 hold on fore next two or three years?
  4. I would say yes the I5 750 should hold its own for the next few years.
  5. the i5 750 will hold for at least a couple of years
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