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Hey everyone, I need help finding a good 140 mm fan. I recently purchased a 140 mm Cooler Master case fan..but it doesn't do the job. It somehow made it if I could get some advice from you guys, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

p.s. I would also, like something that runs over 1000 rpms.
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  1. Its the CFM at lower speeds (rpm) that is important. Take a look at these and decide:

    You said that the fan made it worse? Is it installed in the proper direction of air flow? Side, front, and bottom fans are intake fans - and top and rear fans are exhaust fans.
  2. I'm sure that I have it installed correctly. I just don't feel any air when i put my hand up to it..this is the one that I purchased from
  3. Also, I say that it made it worse because the mainboard temp has gone up from 45-50 c to 55-65c. pretty weird..
  4. Look for the problem elsewhere. Its probably a coincidence that the fan installation and the temp increase occurred at the same time. A 10 degs rise is not acceptable. Something else has changed in your system. Time for some trouble-shooting.
  5. going to check it out. thanks
  6. well, i feel stupid..just realized that I didn't put the 92mm system fan back on.........I just put it back on and it seems to have fixed the problem.
  7. Excellent!
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