Help me choose **urgent**

Please help me choose a laptop for the following requirements :

1) I am a student interested in graphic designing (open GL, 3ds max, adobe suite) etc
2) I am not into gaming (only Counter strike, NFS-MW)
3) I want the laptop to run smoothly , and speed is a necessary factor , during multitasking (even if it involves little heavy tasks)

The options I have with me are :

1) i3-350M (2.26 Ghz), ATi mobility radeon HD5470 [1 GB] -->(Dell Studio)
2) i3-330M (2.13 Ghz), ATi mobility radeon HD5470 [512 MB] ->(Vaio VPCEB14EN)
3) i3-330M (2.13 Ghz), ATi mobility radeon HD5650 [1 GB] -->(Vaio VPCEB16FG)
4) i7-720M (1.6 Ghz, turbo to 2.8 Ghz), ATi mobility radeon HD4570 [512 MB] -->(Dell Studio)

Please suggest a laptop for my requirements among the above

Also, does the clocking difference in options 1 and 2 cause a big difference while multitasking? (In other words, will 1 and 2 perform almost similarly during multitasking) ?
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  1. The difference between 1 and 2 are negligible. Number 3 is the only one that I would trust to play any games at all, but to be honest, the Graphics in these choices are not designed for 3d gaming. Considering your very modest gaming needs, though, and you should be fine.

    Now, if you are doing true multi-tasking then option number 4 will be your best bet, since it is a quad core + hyperthreading & Turbo, while the rest of the lineup (i3 330m/350m) are dual cores with HyperThreading and no turbo feature.

    If you require battery life #4 will probably be the worst choice, but if you are getting a laptop as a portable desktop, and will be able to keep it plugged in, then #4 is a solid choice.
  2. For multitasking then i would choose no.4
    But no.3 will be the strongest laptop if you want to play games.
  3. None of those options will take advantage of CS5's features or be particularly useful with AutoDesk products. Quadro works for Adobe and AutoDesk but ain't so hot for gaming....ona desktop, that would leave fermi but no fermi mobile options that I have seen.
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