SSd 60Gb ASus ssd caching? or just boot drive

Hi i have a WD caviar black sata II 640GB hard disk and i bought the asus z77deluxe. My question is, if i mainly do gaming and browsing whats better, ssd caching or just use the OCZ Agility 3 60GB for a boot drive and some hardcore games
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  1. OCZ Agility 3 60GB for a boot drive and some hardcore games < grab a 120 gb ssd for this .
  2. Depends on how many programs and games you will be installing on the SSD.

    The 60GB after formatting is 55.8GB. A Windows 7 install with all Service Packs and updates is around 20GB. So you're looking at around 36GB of space left to install your programs and games.
  3. With the price point on the 120 to 128's way down go with the 120 or 128.
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    With the price point on the 120 to 128's way down go with the 120 or 128.

    ^ +10
  5. ^5 what Area51reopened and Dereck47 said.

    There are some fantastic sales on 120 & 128 GB ssd's. They only cost a little bit more than 64GB ssd's. Here is an example:

    64GB is the point where it no longer makes sense to use the ssd as a cache. Just use it as a normal ssd.
  6. i already got the 60GB. I sacrificed the 3770 non K for the 3570K cos everyone told me i wasnt going to notice the difference and with my case and cooler i could just keep it at 4.0Ghz and play my games. Im just asking whats the best thing to do with it... I just play games on 1920x1080 and web browsing
  7. Boot drive.

    There is a lot of misunderstanding about caching. Intel developed caching for clients and businesses that could not afford a large capacity ssd. Back when the concept was on the drawing board, Intel hoped clients and businesses would purchase a small 10Gb or 20GB for about $100.00. Microsoft Windows 7 and all software applications would remain on hard disk drives. The cache only produced a minor boost in hard drive performance. Intel hoped that once clients saw the slight performance boost they might be inclined to purchase a larger ssd for much better performance.

    Intel also researched the size of the cache. Intel determined that a 60GB ssd was the point where it made no sense to use the ssd as a cache for a hard drive. Instead if you have a 60GB or larger capacity ssd, then Windows 7 and software applications should be installed on the ssd to take full advantage of the ssd capabilities.

    Since you have a 60GB ssd, it makes more sense to install Windows 7 your applications and a couple of your favorite games on the ssd. The ssd performance boost is much higher than the hard disk drive performance increase.

    Windows 7 will use up a somewhere around 20GB leaving room for a couple of most favorite games. Additional games can be stored on a hard drive. You can swap games when necessary. It is easy to do.
  8. ok so i decided to install windows my drivers for the mobo graphics card etc. as well as skype antivirus and such. That will leave 1-2 games to put on it. I game with 10-12 games installed at the same time so im going to keep the rest on the hard drive.. That wont mess up my mobo right? i mean its fine to play a game on the HD while the OS is on the SSD
  9. yes, that is okay.
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