Asus P8P67 CPU Fan Control Mode / Voltage Instead of PWM Possible ?

I would like to get the Noctua NH-C14 heatsink, it comes with 2 fans and unfortunately all noctua fans only have 3 pins therefore they are not PWM compatible.

However, on noctua's site they say that it is possible to control the fan speed by setting the fan control mode to "Voltage" instead of PWM, this is something that is supported on all gigabyte boards.

Here is a link to noctua's faq where they state this.

I havent been able to figure out if this option is available in the new efi bios of the asus p8p67, which is the mobo i plan on purchasing soon... Does anyone know ?

By the way, I know that the fans come with an adapter for low noise or ultra low noise , which reduce the rpm, however i'd prefer to have the fan speed adjust according to the temperatures, so that i dont have to choose between high performance or quietness ( i know that even at max speed these fans are pretty quiet though but i want SILENCE when my computer is idle ).

Thanks !
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  1. They don't say that it's supported by "all" Gigabyte boards. They say "some mainboards (e.g. current Gigabyte models)" ... but when exactly was the FAQ written? That might be referring to the last generation of Gigabyte boards. The generation out now may not have this option at all.

    To find out if it's possible, download the manual for the P8P67 and check in the BIOS section if there's an option explained for fan control.

    Even when those adapters are used, the speed of the fans varies. The adapters simply limit the maximum RPM of the fans to limit the noise -- they still slow down when idle and speed up when loaded.
  2. Quote:
    To find out if it's possible, download the manual for the P8P67 and check in the BIOS section if there's an option explained for fan control.

    that was the first thing I did...couldn't find anything about it however...

    any other suggestions?
  3. I have the exact same problem wit the P8z68-V Pro and the Noctua nh-d14 cpu cooler, each of the two fan connectors is connected into an individual head on the mb. Unable to find any fan control mode change in the bios or the fan Xpert tool by asus. Anyone come up with a solution other than using the resistors?
  4. In the manual instruction (Asus P8Z68-V pro) is no choice between (bios) PWM and / or Voltage CPU fan control as we have seen until today ...but...

    Chapter 3 (Asus manual/Bios/Monitor menu) :

    CPU Fan profile :


    1. Set to (Standard) to make the CPU fan automatically adjust depending on the CPU temp (PWM) ...

    2. Set to (Manual) to assign detailed fan speed control parameters ...

    Or Fan Xpert 2.20 min/sec :

    Something like MSI Afterburner program ...
  5. in other words, the PWM is a smart choice...

    but for the "voltage" you have to manually set the parameters...

    (eg. if CPU tem 40 C set CPU fan to 550 rpm, 41 = 560, 42 = 580, 43 = 600, 45 = 650, 46 = 700 rpm ...)

    correct me if I'm wrong :)
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