Is it okay to run ddr3 2000 runs on 1333 board ????

Like the topic it doable or i should just stick to 1333 ram.

I have a acer aspire m7720, and the specs sheet shows "Memory Up to 12 GB of DDR3 1066/1333 MHz SDRAM (three-channel support on six DIMMs)"

The reason i ask is because that i just want to buy the memory once, so i can use now and maybe use on the next upgrade in the future.

Any help would be grateful.

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  1. overspec ram like that is a uber waste of time and creates issues with stability and reliability - i see no purpose unless your into some heavy overclocking
  2. Thank you for the quick reply.'s a oem spec mobo and 3g memory just doesn't cut it for 64bit os.
    Just want the ram to be future upgrade ready.
  3. Future upgrade ready RAM would be a 3 x 2GB set of 1600MHz chips rated at 1.5V. Corsair Vengeance or Mushkin Silverline comes to mind. 2000MHz RAM is way too expensive to justify the miniature performance increase you gain. I'd say 1333MHz is fast enough, but 1600MHz is just a bit better and leaves a bit of room for overclocking.
  4. not that i have to have 2000MHz ram for my pc just wondering that if i have 2000, 1800 or 1600 is still doable or will it be functional on my mobo, with only 1066/1333 MHz support on my board.
    sorry for all the confusion, my apology.
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    There's no problem in creating a bit of "confusion", that's what the forum is here for! :D

    To answer your question, the answer is yes. Installing a stick of RAM that is rated at faster than the maximum speed your motherboard allows will simply cause the RAM to slow down as to match the maximum speed your motherboard allows. Thus, installing 2000MHz RAM on your motherboard will make the RAM run at 1333MHz. Take the RAM oout and install it on a motherboard that supports 2000MHz and it will run at 2000MHz again. But, as I said before, 2000MHz is overkill. Get yourself a set of 1600MHz RAM sticks, and install them knowing that they will work well! :D
  6. Thank you Toxxyc for answering all my questions and break it down in details for me to understand the whole concept better.
    I'm really appreciate.
    Thank you

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