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I was about to plug in my Mini SD card into my computer to backup really important photo's that I can't take again of me building my computer. I am not re-doing it. 'Twas the hardest thing i have ever done getting my triple rad into my system. Anyways, I was about to put it in when some idiot snatched it out of my hand and snapped the corner of the sd card bending one little section of the gold connecter and it wont work when I put it into the computer, any ideas on some fixes? Would tak a photo of it but dont have an sd card to upload it with haha
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  2. Buy another one. Stuff like that, its better to be safe and replace it rather then have it cross some connections trying to fix it when you plug it in. Cause no offense, if building your PC was the hardest thing youve ever done, not sure there would be a fix within your technical expertise, and not cause some further damage.
  3. It's not the building of the pc that was difficult, I need to get pictures of the entire process of building my pc for an assignment and I have water cooling in the system and really don't feel like draining the system and starting fresh, because my radiator for my water cooling barely fit and I'm worried I won't be able to get it back in again. As well as the tubing just not fitting because it is hitting the USB 2.0 port. Also it's impossible for me to get pictures of all the parts individually packed etc. and I really need this for my assignment or I'm fucked and won't pass this year and will be held back haha. And I really don't want to be held back from my final year.
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