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Hi all,
My brother-in-law has just got his hands on a laptop with a amd 64 dual core 1.8ghz 2gb ddr2 ram and nforce 610m onboard graphics, the screen resolution is 1280x800. the game he wants to play is dawn of war 2, he is not bothered if it is played on minimum, he justs wants to play this game. here is the specs for the game:

His system is running on vista 32bit.

thanks for your help
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  1. I think that nforce 610m graphics chip is actually the NVIDIA GeForce 7000M.
    GeForce 7000M review and benchmarks
    It does not appear to come anywhere close to meeting the minimum requirements for Dawn of War II (GeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900, or equivalent).
    GeForce 7800 GT get a Passmark GPU score of 531, ATI X1900 scores 791 and GeForce 7000M scores 40.
  2. Ok thanks for your help WR2, im ok with desktops but not laptops.

    Thanks again
  3. So, what is exactly your problem?
    WR2 has described above that 7000M only scores 40, which mean it's very weak to playing games.
    Or do you want to upgrade your brother's vga on laptop?
  4. Wr2 has answered my question, i was just pointing out that im unsure about laptops and know more about desktop, but there is no problems.
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