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I don't know how to connect this because in User guide aren't the same titles for that with chasis. In user guide they are: MIC2_L, MIC2_R, HP_R, Jack Sence, HP_L, AGND, PRESENCE#, MIC2_JD, HP_HD, and cables in chasis are: MIC-IN, MIC-BIAS, GND, ReturnL, ReturnR, SPKout L, SPKout R! Please help me. I'm new in this :)
On this topic is the picture of cables -->
P. S. What is difference between AC'97 and HD Audio? Is it just to configure in BIOS or it make difference the way you connect cables
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    You have an AC97 compatible here are the pinouts you need....
    The hd pinouts are for high end cases....with the HD dongle....
    You have to go in the BIOS and select AC97 in the front panel mode option.
    Hope this helps....JQ
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