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I have an asus p5b-e mobo running (well not running) by a core 2 duo. whenever I press the power button it shorts and I must reset the psu only for it to short yet again. I've pulled each component down to the cpu, and ram. I built this computer around 5 years ago... when the core 2 duo had been introduced fairly recently. Thank you for any help in troubleshooting the problem. I'm thinking that it is either the cpu or mobo.
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  1. Or the power supply... You can either buy a cheapie power supply tester (this one is not-so-cheap: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16899705002&cm_re=power_supply_tester-_-99-705-002-_-Product ) or , if you are feeling adventurous, remove the main power connector from the mobo and short out pins 15 and 16 to turn the power supply on. Safest to disconnect all power cables if you are going to try this.
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