SSD, RAID, or what for Editing Software?

I put together a pretty capable system with the intent of editing HD Video, but I don\'t know the best way to set up my software with regard to my storage media. Where should I store the program, raw footage, working files, finished product, etc.? I have a RAID-0 Drive (2 SATA-3 @1TB) still untouched and dedicated for this purpose. I also have my system drive (single SATA-3 1TB drive) and a SSD (256GB) currently just running ReadyBoost. Mobo is ASUS Maximus IV Extreme with an Intel i7-2600k, running at 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM.

Until I get the everything properly configured and determine the best configuration for performance, I will continue to use Adobe Premier Elements 10, but I will quickly upgrade to Premier Pro once I find some good advice. (I might use another top editor, if I find that there are significant performance advantages considering the system I've built.)
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  1. you want the os and main program files on the ssd. the slowest ssd is still faster then a hard drive. for saving your finished works i look to a network storage device or an esata device if your mb has the port. I also look at the size of the files your saving if there fit on a dvd-r disk or if you need to use a blue ray burner. I also look into off site cloud storage. if your hard drive lest you have your files saved off site or can get to them if your at a job site and need more or you have the wrong one on your laptop.
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