What is needed to replace a Motherboard w/ P4, to one with a i5 or i7?

What is needed to replace/upgrade my original Motherboard in my Desktop, to a new one with an i5 or i7 Processor?
I have a '04 Compaq Presario SX1250NX Desktop w/ a Pentium 4 (515) 2.93 GHz Processor, 4 Gigs of DDR1 PC3200 Memory, Radeon X700 (PCI-e) Graphics Card.
Is my PC worth upgrading? Or is it cheaper to buy a new one?
Thanks, Bob
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  1. It's much wiser to buy a new PC alltogether. You'd need everything new:

    Power Supply
    Hard Drive
    Optical Drive
    Grahpics Card
    Mouse (new motherboards don't really have PS2 ports anymore)
    Keyboard (same reason as mouse)
    Display (you wouldn't want a nice GFX card and then run a 15" CRT on the thing)

    The only thing you might keep is the case, but they are so cheap, you can just as well get a new one of that as well.

    Look at the Sandy Bridge setups, they are really good value for money.

    I unfortunately don't have time to post you the specs and prices now, I have to leave for home, but post your budget, what you are looking to do with the PC and I will take a look later! :)

    There are also many other very well informed people on the forum who can help you, but I doubt they will give you an answer different than mine.
  2. Sell your old pc in tact, since the windows operating system is tied to the board. Replacing the board will require a new windows coa, and your power supply will also have to be upgraded for the newer cpu.
  3. Toxxyc & O1die, thank you for your response and info! I did not realize, that I would have to replace my hard drive, and the power supply, and the rest of the internals!
    This computer was second to the top of the line ($750) at Office Max, back in '04, then as soon as I brought it home, I went out and bought 4 Gigs of DDR1 memory ($1,000), $250 1 Gig Corsair SMS Extreme, and $200 for the Radeon x700. It has been a very good computer, and it's fast, as long as u don't multi-task.
    Technology flew right past me, I didn't realize how out dated Pentium 4 processors are now. As a matter of fact, I just read a comparison, P4 vs ATOM Dual Core, the Atom was faster. Damn! My PC is a Model T...
    Thanks Guys for the info, I'll buy a new PC.
    Bob (BACracer)
  4. Quote:
    Mouse (new motherboards don't really have PS2 ports anymore)

    What? Most motherboards have PS2 ports. Or atleast a mouse/keyboard combo PS2 port.
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