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What is needed to replace a Motherboard w/ P4, to one with a i5 or i7?

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March 7, 2011 10:43:47 AM

What is needed to replace/upgrade my original Motherboard in my Desktop, to a new one with an i5 or i7 Processor?
I have a '04 Compaq Presario SX1250NX Desktop w/ a Pentium 4 (515) 2.93 GHz Processor, 4 Gigs of DDR1 PC3200 Memory, Radeon X700 (PCI-e) Graphics Card.
Is my PC worth upgrading? Or is it cheaper to buy a new one?
Thanks, Bob
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March 7, 2011 11:59:13 AM

It's much wiser to buy a new PC alltogether. You'd need everything new:

Power Supply
Hard Drive
Optical Drive
Grahpics Card
Mouse (new motherboards don't really have PS2 ports anymore)
Keyboard (same reason as mouse)
Display (you wouldn't want a nice GFX card and then run a 15" CRT on the thing)

The only thing you might keep is the case, but they are so cheap, you can just as well get a new one of that as well.

Look at the Sandy Bridge setups, they are really good value for money.

I unfortunately don't have time to post you the specs and prices now, I have to leave for home, but post your budget, what you are looking to do with the PC and I will take a look later! :) 

There are also many other very well informed people on the forum who can help you, but I doubt they will give you an answer different than mine.
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March 7, 2011 11:59:14 AM

Sell your old pc in tact, since the windows operating system is tied to the board. Replacing the board will require a new windows coa, and your power supply will also have to be upgraded for the newer cpu.
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March 7, 2011 6:14:00 PM

Toxxyc & O1die, thank you for your response and info! I did not realize, that I would have to replace my hard drive, and the power supply, and the rest of the internals!
This computer was second to the top of the line ($750) at Office Max, back in '04, then as soon as I brought it home, I went out and bought 4 Gigs of DDR1 memory ($1,000), $250 1 Gig Corsair SMS Extreme, and $200 for the Radeon x700. It has been a very good computer, and it's fast, as long as u don't multi-task.
Technology flew right past me, I didn't realize how out dated Pentium 4 processors are now. As a matter of fact, I just read a comparison, P4 vs ATOM Dual Core, the Atom was faster. Damn! My PC is a Model T...
Thanks Guys for the info, I'll buy a new PC.
Bob (BACracer)
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March 7, 2011 6:22:10 PM

Mouse (new motherboards don't really have PS2 ports anymore)

What? Most motherboards have PS2 ports. Or atleast a mouse/keyboard combo PS2 port.