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Ok so here is the MoBo and the SSD I am trying to work with. MoBo is old the SSD is brand new.

I have no trouble at all with my MoBo for the 5 years I have had it, I bought an SSD with Sata III for use in my next build, but planned to use it until I finish the parts list and buy the rest of my stuff.

The SSD will not show up in the BIOS even when it is the only drive. I checked 5 times to make sure the cables were in tight on both ends and that the power cable was fit snugly. The power is good as it was powering another HDD before I tested the SSD and is powering it currently as the SSD is not working.
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  1. nvidia chips(such as those on my board) have no AHCI but there should be a way to use an SSD with out as other 680I users have SSDs working
  2. Solid state drives will normally work when the BIOS is set to IDE mode but there will be a performance hit.

    There have been reports of compatability issues between old motherboards and modern ssd's.

    Are the BIOS and hardware firmware/drivers all current?

    Does your motherboard support RAID? Sometimes enabling RAID will do the trick.
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