No Hard Disks detected

I am using Asus p7p55D-E Pro

I get this message when I try boot;

"No Hard Disks Detected"

Any Ideas?

I have the SATA disk WD black 640GB connected to the SATA 1 port on the motherboard
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  1. make sure the bios detects it
    try differnt port,
    try different sata cable,
    or try flashing your bios might not be able to handle big drives
  2. yes its detected in the BIOS
  3. I tried connecting it to a different STA port, no difference.
    This is a recent motherboard, why would it not be able to handle a 640GB drive?
    How do I flash the BIOS?
  4. Is this a new build? Are you trying to install OS?

    Is the controller set to IDE in the BIOS?

    Is the HD formatted?

    Read your MOBO manual on how to flash bios.
  5. This message comes up before I try to install the OS
    How do I format the HDD?
  6. lfforte said:

    Yes controller set ti IDE in Bios

    Well that's your problem right there.

    You're using a SATA drive, not IDE.
  7. yes, new build.
    Yes controller set ti IDE in Bios
    No the hard drive is not formatted. I just installed it as bought.
  8. The J Micron SATA/PATA controller has two settings IDE and disabled
  9. lfforte said:
    This message comes up before I try to install the OS
    How do I format the HDD?

    You can format it when you install OS..

    I got a question did you put in the OS cd?

    If you go to manufacture website they should tell you on how to flash the bios. Stay away from beta bios.
  10. Yes I put in OS cd. It stops and comes up with another
    Why shouldd it say no hard disk dtetected when the HDD it shows up in the BIOS
  11. might be formatted wrong why don't you force it to boot from the cd and see if the cd see's it
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